Selling your home tips: Have you ever considered when is the best time to sell your home? It's probably not when you think. Working as professional property stylists, we see behind the scenes of the real estate industry. We also love to provide selling your homes tips. ...

Home Staging isn't merely a buzz word - Home Staging is a powerful tool to maximise your profit on your property. You don’t have to be an avid 'location location' or 'selling houses australia' viewer to know the value in styling your home before putting it...

Working with home staging wollongong clients, an array of common questions arise. Among the top 5 most common home staging wollongong questions are "If we leave the property vacant wont it look bigger? Big mistake. It’s actually the opposite. Personally we have never seen anyone fall in love with...

  • Good quality styling creates an emotional response in people Knowing
  • Want to stand out from the competition when selling your
  • The gorgeous kitchen from our Thirroul interior design project 5
  • Editing the art of knowing when youve gone too far
  • Quality Property Styling will make your home stand out from
  • Capturing reflections of wispy greenery and distant windows Contrasting crisp
  • Restraint knowing when to stop to let the house do
  • Traditional interiors dont have to be old fashioned They can