Real Estate Property Styling Wollongong- Maximise your Profits

Property Styling Wollongong – Maximise your Profits

Working in the real estate styling industry means presenting outstanding homes that buyers fall in love with.  If you are selling your home and interested in property styling Wollongong, below are some useful tips for the DIY home decorator.


Clutter serves as sensory white noise and unsettles potential buyers. It is very common for our property styling team in Wollongong to attend an onsite consultation and our first piece of advice is to declutter. Too often, clients tell us they already have! The tip here for DIY Property styling is don’t declutter once, keep going each day until you create a sense of calm. Remove family photographs, messy fridge magnets, messy wall calendars. The more we can pair back your intimate possessions in the home, the more potential buyers will be able to envisage living in the home. When you pair back your clutter you are able to see more clearly the canvas to prepare your pre sale real estate styling DIY project. For further reading on DIY preparing your home for sale click “read more”


A lick of paint can make an amazing transformation! Outdated colours, worn old paint and bold feature walls can all work against you when preparing your home for sale. We need to shift the focus on your own personal colour likes and present your home for sale in a soft light neutral way, creating a blank canvas to allow your DIY home styling to be the feature. We recommend a nice white wall with white ceilings and trims. As tempting as it is to jump in and start painting, preparation really is the key in order to present a professional feeling.


The power of white cannot be underestimated when preparing your home for sale. White is bright and light and creates a sense of space. If you cannot afford to buy new white furniture, then get painting. Tired old dining tables or chairs, dark heavy bedside tables can simply be transformed with a white paint renovation. Use white bedding to create a light base to dress a bed. Use patterned throws over the end of the bedding and unique contrasting cushions. White woven trays work well to break up the brown of a dining or coffee table. Use the light white tray to be the blank canvas and a great styling opportunity.



Rugs create a soft foundation and really set the tone for your entire living space.  Rugs evoke a sense of  warmth and luxury that potential buyers will appreciate. Use a rug as a designer tool to define or separate areas, such as seating, dining areas and entry areas.   This is especially useful in open plan apartments or larger rooms that need definition.  You can also use rugs to create variety in a space. When you use two rugs in a room, be aware that same sized rugs can visually cut the room in two. Use different sized rugs to create a sense of variety.


Avoid at all cost using fake plants, lets be really clear here..they always look fake. Use real established plants and fresh green foliage when decorating your home for sale. Plants serve many purposes in DIY home styling. Firstly plants add life to an interior are visually appealing for that important first impression.  Plants create a softness to angular furniture and and are a great corner filler for dead spaces.

 Interested in Property Styling Wollongong, Sydney, Sutherland Shire, or South Coast NSW? We offer professional home staging and property styling , you can contact us for a free consultation.









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