Choosing paint can be a difficult task – what you see at the paint store on a small chip can be vastly different to how paint looks when it’s covering a vast space in a home. Your final choice in paint can make or break the ambience of your home.

After 14 years in the interior styling industry, I have come up with a personal set of interior decor rules. They aren’t officially industry ‘rules’ – they’re my personal rules, which have come about through many hours of pouring over interior magazines and books, analysing exactly why I love a space and why it talks to me.

One of the most arresting issues that Angie and I discover when attending an interior or property styling consultation is, the clinical ambiance derived from the existing shade of cool white paint on interior walls.

I would say that 9 times out of 10, DIY home decorators have chosen a cool white or extremely pale grey. Don’t get me wrong about greys – I love them. The deeper the better! My issue with cool Whites or ultra pale greys, is that they feel cold. I often describe them as ‘fridge whites’ or ‘dental surgery whites’, because they cast a cold and clinical ambiance, not dissimilar to an overcast day.

To my horror, a close friend of mine, recently chose a cold white (Lexicon), under direction of the paint shop employee. His advice was that it was all the rage. It’s a little bit like asking the butcher, how to cook a good beef bourguignon, or the carpenter, which architectural style is best, or…

Overcast days, just don’t seem to feel as lovely or as happy, as sunny days, where warm golden light bathes everything it touches in happy tones. Our homes are no different, where warm* whites evoke feelings of comfort and welcoming and sunshine, cool whites don’t. The difference between the two can not be understated. Ambiance is everything in a home.

*The warmth in a warm white paint is barely detectable to the untrained eye.

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