Home Staging Wollongong V’s Vacant Property Wollongong

Working with home staging wollongong clients, an array of common questions arise.

Among the top 5 most common home staging wollongong questions are “If we leave the property vacant wont it look bigger?

Big mistake. It’s actually the opposite. Personally we have never seen anyone fall in love with carpet and blank walls.

You will be amazed by the power of professional home staging Wollongong.

Furniture and styling accessories can transform a property to create an improved feeling of space. When people see images of a property advertised for sale that is vacant it’s said that only 10 per cent of people will actually visualise their life in that home. That means you have lost 90 per cent of potential buyers right there. Home staging scoops up that additional 90%.

Warmth is not a common feature of a vacant property. You want to create an inviting feeling the way a staged home does. If there are any defects, like scratched floors or stained carpets, they tend to stand out more in an empty space than in a decorated space. In addition, potential buyers may try to make offers below market value. The reason for this is that they know the owner is no longer living in the house and likely wants to sell it sooner rather than later. Not only are you likely to see a slower sales time with a vacant house, but you may see lower prices as well.

The way real estate is marketed has changed. You can no longer put a sign up out the front, invest the minimum in marketing and expect your agent to do the rest. Home Staging for photography is now marketed like any other consumer product on the market. It’s all online – a limited number of people will even see your sign. Therefore, your home has to have appeal and it has to engage with consumers on an emotional level.

If you would like more information on home staging Wollongong to maximize your sales results, you can contact us  to book a free consultation.


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