Interior Styling Sydney DIY styling tips: Accessorising

Interior Styling Sydney DIY styling tips: Accessorising



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At Property Styling Corp, accessorising means the final layer of styling. It means the handcrafted trinkets, plants, ceramics, artifacts, lamps, books and… well, you get the idea. The purpose of accessorising is to give your space a sense of personality, life, individuality and hopefully exhibit your personal style quirks. These final pieces are important and often, people find it hard to bring together and arrange these items, in order to complete their space.

Being in the Sydney property staging and interior design industry for over 15 years, we have developed simple formulas, to help with the final layer of styling and accessorising. Creating the perfect balance among your accessories comes down to six key words: Silhouette, Nature, Literature, Bespoke, Practicality and The-Big-Picture. If you are a keen Interior styling DIY candidate, here are our tips on beautifully accessorising.

Interior styling tips: Silhouette

Silhouette: depending on the item of furniture, it is important to create interesting silhouettes with the height and shape of your accessories. When decorating a console/hall table, we often have the benefit of a wall backing this piece of furniture; allowing the creation of architectural silhouettes through the use of lighting, plants, ceramics, statues, etc. These furniture pieces are an excellent opportunity for artful styling.


Interior styling tips: Nature

 Nature: natural elements are the fundamental pieces that bring life and individuality into your accessorising. Whether it be a spray of foliage or a rustic timber candle holder, these elements are charming in their organic formations and ‘one-of-a-kind’ prestige. Natural pieces such as coral, barnacles, shells and marble, exude quality

and round out your low-cost pieces, to forge a balanced and unique look. Inserting natural pieces in all areas, will significantly lift the overall feeling in your space.



Interior styling tips: Literature

Literature: aka books. Books are everything when it comes to styling, they’re practical, authentic, sharp, their cover’s are often beautiful and they build a strong foundation to style on top of; oh, and they can be educational… As you can see, books serve many purposes in the home. In particular, at Property Styling Corp, we love to incorporate beautiful books all over the home, as it adds a level of authenticity to the styling, in turn, elevating the complete style of any space.


Interior styling tips: Bespoke

The bespoke accent’s in your styling refer to one of a kind pieces. These can be artworks, statues, hand carved marble pieces, handmade ceramics, antiques and anything with a thoughtful inception. Your bespoke pieces and your natural can sometimes overlap, however they both serve important roles in the big picture of your space. The lifespan of bespoke accessories prove much longer than anything mass produced and ‘fast-fashion’ like. Classic pieces like antique brass boxes or handmade ceramics have an immeasurable value in the accessorising of any space.



Interior styling tips: Practicality

The key to making your home beautiful and still functional for everyday life, is to: insert practical accessories. Whether it be an ornate box on the coffee table to hide remote controls, a rattan tray in the bathroom to hold hand towels and soap or a wicker basket full of board games, doubling as a side table; it’s important to remember that practical items can be beautiful styling pieces, as well. Your items such as candles and lamps also provide the dual purpose of creating unique silhouettes and the practicality of ambient lighting.



The-Big-Picture: once you have established the first 5 components, the idea is to create The-Big-Picture. The-Big-Picture isn’t about each individual piece as such, but the way in which they are put together to create a balanced vignette and overall look in your home. 



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